Chickens – Egg layers

Egg layers are pastured raised on rotational grazing following the sheep for any parasite control. They are also fed a soy free whole grain mix that I grow and make. Our breeds are rhode island red for our brown eggs and ameraucanas for green tinted egg shells.



Chickens – Broilers

Young birds, 11 – 12 weeks, ranging from 4 – 6 lbs. Pastured raised on rotational grazing with a soy free whole grain feed mix that I grow and mix.




I raise Muscovy ducks. They are used in the gardens and and orchards for bug and slug control. They also get a grain mix that is soy free and with grains I grow.101_0306



Goats are the most personal animals on the farm. They are pastured raised on rotational grazing plan. They also help with orchard prunings by eating the branchs I cut. They are fed a grain supplement.





I  raise Katahdin hair. They are raised pasture and hay no grain. They graze in front of our egg layers in our pasture rotation. Katahdins are great awsome mothers,great parasite resistance, no shearing, and great meat make them a all around great animal.




Pigs have been raised several times and now I have chosen to rasie red wattle pigs.Pigs have been pastured and forest raised with a grain supplement. Finish on acorns and hickory nuts. For some fine tasting pork.




Turkeys are used in the orchards for bug control and grazed on pasture. Fed soy free and with grains I grow makes for some happy turkeys.