2022 CSA

Welcome to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). CSA brings farmers and consumers together in a positive and unique experience. This is an opportunity to support your local farmer and eat fresh and healthy all season long.

FE6FFE29-775D-4417-99DF-C8BCA26F2315_1_105_cOn TurkeyFoot Farm we follow organic standards and go beyond using regenerative soil building techniques, being part of our CSA, you are lessening your carbon footprint and even more so; by sequestering carbon due to our intensive cover cropping as well as the entire farm is run on solar power.
Buying a membership to TurkeyFoot Farm’s CSA you will receive a portion of the fresh produce as harvested spring to fall.  Each week starting Saturday, June 11 you will receive fresh greens/veggies and herbs of that week’s harvest. This will continue until September 24.  You are guaranteed 16 weeks if you are unable to pick up, we suggest that you send a friend or you will forfeit your share that week. There are no reimbursements. We ask that you notify us a week in advance if you are unable to pick up. Pickup will be Saturday mornings 8 to 12 CST on the farm or Friday afternoons at P. & E. Bottle Shop in Three Oaks, Michigan from 3 to 5 EST . 

Membership fee is $500.00 a 16-week CSA.  This CSA offers 6 to 8 varieties of veggies and herbs in a half bushel box.

You can also add on a dozen of our pastured raised non-GMO eggs for $ 96.00.

Full payment due to reserve; this can be paid with credit card over the phone or by a check through the mail or simply dropped off.

Contact me and I will send you a form.

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